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Community Project

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The Sutter Health Institute for Research and Education (SHIRE) was awarded a 2-year grant in September 2009 to improve palliative and end-of-life care provision in the San Francisco Bay Area. SHIRE is leading a community-based effort to explore linkages and collaboration among existing programs, increase dialogue around end-of-life care options, and improve education about palliative and end-of-life care. Some of our current partners include: The San Francisco Medical Society, San Francisco Department of Health, UC-San Francisco, Ethnic Health Institute at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the San Francisco Bay Area Network for End of Life Care, and the Sutter Health Sac-Sierra Region Palliative Care Program. As part of the grant, SHIRE has contributed to the expansion of this SFEOL website to serve as a permanent and dynamic repository of information that is compiled about palliative care provision in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is intended to be a community resource and we welcome your participation.

Please see our one-pager for a brief description of the grant project and a high-level summary of a meeting we held with physician leaders in the community.